Arran trip

When we arrived to Lochranza on Friday evening, we were suprised that it is so beautifull ...
37-B.jpg 38-B.jpg 40-B.jpg

On Saturday we enjoyed hill walking, climb up on Goat Fell and Cir Mhor.
42-B.jpg 43-B.jpg 44-B.jpg 45-B.jpg 01-B.jpg 02-B.jpg 03-B.jpg 04-B.jpg 05-B.jpg 06-B.jpg 07-B.jpg 08-B.jpg

Sometime lost our path for a while ....


and finaly had a great view over the whole island.

Arran_hills.jpg 10-B.jpg 11-B.jpg 12-B.jpg 13-B.jpg 14-B.jpg 15-B.jpg 16-B.jpg 17-B.jpg 18-B.jpg 19-B.jpg 20-B.jpg 21-B.jpg 22-B.jpg 23-B.jpg

It was quite tricky to get down to the valley, because there was no path. And when we found the path again, we were so suprised to meet a deer.

24-B.jpg 25-B.jpg

Here we are back in our hostel. Good night!


Sunday morning in Lochranza. Waiting for a postbus ... what a clever idea on Sunday ...


Fortunately, there was another bus going to the Standing Stones.

28-B.jpg 29-B.jpg 30-B.jpg 31-B.jpg 32-B.jpg 33-B.jpg

I love them. 34-B.jpg And here they are few weeks older ...

Then we walked to King's cave and cliffs, and Blackwaterfoot, where we took a bus to Brodick. 35-B.jpg 36-B.jpg

In Adrossan we had another adventure caused by the canceled train, but it is another story.